Shot Nummer HF3A26. Ein Gang eines unterirdischen Labors wird geflutet. Im echten Leben viel zu teuer, darum habe ich hier in die VFX-Kiste gegriffen. 3D Max, Realflow und Nuke kamen zum Einsatz. Renderzeit: Ewig ;-)

  1. Nice shot. Some drops seem a bit chunky but i guess in-edit that won’t be noticable. I like the oncam drops and the design of the corridor. Cg or Real ?

  2. Hej Marcus
    Thanx 4 the Propz. I had to hammer out a whole Flood-Sequence within few Days. The Schedule was pretty intense and we didn’t have time for too many Revisions unfortunately. There are still some little issues with the Matte which bothers me the most ;-) The BG-Plate is mixed CG with real pix (the door in the back was shot on set, the rest is CG ;-)

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